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Remanufactured vs Original

For most businesses and consumers who are looking in purchasing toner or ink for their printer, the common question comes up if whether they should purchase the brand name original cartridges or the remanufactured alternative. The debate if whether or not you should be paying almost double the cost for the OEM Toner and Ink or settle for the chance of a better experience with a cheaper remanufactured one. Hopefully, this page will show you the pros and cons for each choice and able you to decide on your own of which option to buy.

Original Toner and Ink (OEM)


  • Made from the brand name companies (HP, Canon, Brother, etc)
  • Only 2% chance of a defect
  • Reliable Seller


  • Almost double the cost of the same remanufactured toner/ink
  • Most don't come with warranty
  • Usually doesn't sell old toner/ink products, causing you to buy a new printer
  • 6% lower page count than remanufactured alternative

Remanufactured Toner and Ink


  • Significantly cheaper than the identical OEM version
  • Print quality indistinguishable from the OEM toner/ink
  • Comes with warranty
  • Variety of sellers to choose from
  • All toner/ink products available
  • Better for the environment
  • Reduced waste and oil from landfills
  • Tested for 0% chance of defect
  • 6% higher page count than original


  • Not from the brand name seller